Sarada Vidya Niketan

The main activity of the Kendra centres around the school - Sarada Vidya Niketan.


There are 5 classes in the school at present - from Upper KG to Class IV. On all school days, the children assemble at 6.45 a.m. and attend a prayer session together before settling in their respective classes under the supervision of able and dedicated teachers. Classes begin from 7.30 a.m. Apart from academic lessons, the children are taught finer aspects of behaviour and love for their friends and neighbours.

Equipments like school bags, water bottles, stationary, text books, exercise books, uniforms, shoes and socks, sweaters (during winter) are provided to each student by the school. Besides, they are also given nutritious tiffin.

Extra-curricular activities like singing and dance classes, drawing sessions, drama etc. have been made a part of the regular course to culminate creativity in the fresh minds as well as to give them an exposure to the finer aspects right from a tender age.

Regular check-ups are held to keep an eye on the health of students and medicines, if required, are distributed free of cost.

Mothers' Meetings are held regularly to keep them abreast of the progress of their wards. It is seen that motivating the mothers go a long way to careful upbringing of the child. The mothers too take the progress of their children quite seriously.

From feedback received from the parents as well as neighbours, a change in the behavioural pattern of the children studying in the school has been noticed in conscious refrain from abuses, respect to elders, etc.

The children do not have any opportunity to go on outings with their parents keeping in mind the background they come from. Therefore, the school organizes excursions for them which serve as a recreational exercise as well as gives them exposure to the world around them. Since the couple of years after inception of the school, they have been taken to places like the Zoological Gardens and Belur Math.